Few academics can claim to have such a diverse skill-set relative to sports coaching, exercise science and the health and fitness industry. I earned a BSc (Hons) in Sports Studies with Sports Development from the University of Paisley, an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD from the University of West of Scotland. I have been employed in further and higher adult education for over 14-years, helping learners develop transferable skills that allow them to progress into gainful employment and has published several academic papers on the manipulation of resistance training variables has towards muscular strength development.

I have delivered workshops and seminars to undergraduates and postgraduate students, sports coaches, and clients throughout the further and higher education sector and the fitness and sports industry. I have provided knowledge exchange in exercise prescription to numerous health club staff, including Bannatynes, David Lloyd and physical training instructors in the Scottish Prison Service. This involved the education of staff members with the construct of an exercise program to meet the needs of different trainees (beginners to high-risk clients) and the contraindications to exercise. Furthermore, I have provided strength and conditioning support to national level athletes ensuring that the training load and modality was appropriate within their periodised training cycle. 




Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Development 

Power, speed, agility and movement development in sport and athletic development.

Pre-Space Flight Conditioning

Assessment of resistance training manipulation towards strength, power, and muscular endurance for pre-space flight conditioning

The Application of Resistance Training for the General Population

Assessment of exercise guidelines for specific populations

The University of the West of Scotland | Hamilton, Scotland| 

PhD: Applied Strength and Conditioning Physiology

Thesis Title: The examination of resistance training variables and the application to muscular strength development: A series of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

University of Edinburgh | Edinburgh, Scotland|

Masters of Science: Strength and Conditioning Physiology

Thesis Title: The pre-exercise stretch and the acute effects it has upon the vertical jump in trained athletic males

University of Paisley | Glasgow, Scotland| 

Bachelors of Science (Honours): Sports Studies with Sports Development

Thesis Title: Active Schools: A comparative study

Award: Court medal for most ‘most distinguished student’

University of Stirling | Stirling, Scotland| 

Postgraduate Diploma: Teaching and Learning in Further Education