CPD Short Courses in Exercise Referral & Exercise Medicine

Dance Class

Mental Health & Exercise

Obesity & the Role of Exercise

Muscles in the Exercise Setting

Diabetes & Exercise

Arthritis & Exercise 

Cancer & Exercise

Cardiovascular Disease & Exercise

Neuromuscular Disease & Exercise

At Strength-Physiology.Online we have created a range of virtual classrooms (Mi Virtual Class) to further assist sports and fitness students. Mi Virtual Classes includes course materials, homework, tests, and assignments that are typically used in self-paced (asynchronous) learning. Additionally, Mi Virtual Classes create a  synchronous online learning experience, which happens in real time and provides you the learner with an experience very close to traditional face-to-face teaching. 

The online learning system that we use at Strength-Physiology.Online is called Moodle , which is the same system employed by many of the top universities and colleges in the UK and overseas. Moodle allows students to access course materials, gain feedback, contact tutors, upload work, view grades and much more all by logging in to your very own online account. All of your work is stored and accessible from your first day of the course to your last, ready for you to work toward. 

Mi Virtual Classes include the following characteristics:

  1. Webinars and bespoke presentations that are student centred 

  2. Virtual classroom offering high Interactivity and engagement

  3. Collaborative centred learning

  4. Student-centred instruction

  5. Variety of content presentation and learning activities

  6. Psychologically Safe Environment

  7. Positive and Constructive Feedback

  8. Self-test exercises and assessments

  9. Structured online learning activities

Doctor's Visit

Hypertension & Exercise

Senior Physiotherapy

Muscle Physiology in the Exercise Setting

Physical Therapist

Arthritis & Exercise

Vasculature of the Heart

Cardiovascular Disease & Exercise

Measuring Waist

Obesity & the Role of Exercise

Image by Kate

Diabetes & Exercise

Image by National Cancer Institute

Cancer & the Positive Role of Exercise

Image by Nhia Moua

Neuromuscular Disease & the Positive Effect of Exercise