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Weight Lifting Shoes

Adidas Men's Powerlift 4 Fitness Shoes (Various Sizes)

Colour: Black Core Black Ftwr White

  • Designed specifically for weight lifting and to improve technique, die-cut wedge midsole developed for heavy lifting, supportive feel, canvas upper offers lightweight, but durable material, lace closure plus a velcro strap

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Inner Material: Manmade

  • Sole: Gum Rubber

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat

Adidas Women's Powerlift 4 Fitness Shoes (Various Sizes)

Colour: Purple

  • Designed specifically for weight lifting and to improve technique, die-cut wedge midsole developed for heavy lifting, supportive feel, canvas upper offers lightweight, but durable material, lace closure plus a velcro strap

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Inner Material: Manmade

  • Sole: Gum Rubber

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat

Adidas Men's Powerlift 4 Bc0343 Fitness Shoes (Various Sizes)

Colour: Green Raw Khaki Ftwr White

  • PU-Coated Leather Upper - Provides durability through the shoe.

  • Air Mesh and VentFlow Outsole Openings - Help to create a more comfortable and breathable foot climate.

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Inner Material: Manmade

  • Sole: Synthetic

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Height: 1 inches

  • Material Composition: Synthetic

  • Shoe Width: Medium

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II Shoes - SS21 (Various Sizes)

Colour: Core Black Night Met Signal Coral

  • PU-Coated Leather Upper - Provides durability through the shoe.

  • Air Mesh and VentFlow Outsole Openings - Help to create a more comfortable and breathable foot climate.

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Inner Material: Manmade

  • Sole: Synthetic

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Height: 1 inches

  • Material Composition: Synthetic

  • Shoe Width: Medium

Reebok Men's Legacy Lifter Shoes (Various Sizes)

Colour: Navy Rosette Sunglow

  • Comfort And Performance

  • Imported

  • Sole: Rubber

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Shoe Width: medium

Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes Gong Lu 3 (Power) White/Black UK4-15 

  • Olympic lifting shoe with solid thermo plastic midsole

  • One tarsal strap

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Height: 2 centimetres

  • Shoe Width: Medium

  • Non-slip rubber sole

  • Heel raised 2cm above forefoot

  • Greater stability, better technique, lift heavier weights

Adidas Men's Powerlift 4 Fitness Shoes (Various Sizes)

Colour: Core Black Night Met Signal Coral

  • Designed specifically for weight lifting and to improve technique, die-cut wedge midsole developed for heavy lifting, supportive feel, canvas upper offers lightweight, but durable material, lace closure plus a velcro strap

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Inner Material: Manmade

  • Sole: Gum Rubber

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Heel Type: Flat


Lifting Belts, Chalk & Wraps

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RDX Weight Lifting Belt for Fitness Gym - Adjustable Leather Belt with 4” Padded Lumbar Back Support

  • OIL-TANNED COWHIDE LEATHER -Cowhide leather that has a velvet-like surface, gives the weight lifting belt a smooth and soft touch. It's also renowned for batter-resistant durability. 

  • DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING -The gym belt features double stitched seams that prevents the belt from wearing and tearing quickly. The belt is also fitted with heavy duty rivets and buckle that won't snap under pressure.

  • MOISTURE-WICKING & ANTIBACTERIAL LINING - This strength training belt features microfibre wicks that absorb moisture and sweat away from the body, to keep the area dry and comfortable. This leather belt also contains antibacterial features.

  • CONTOURED DESIGN The powerlifting belt's architecture follows the natural curves of your back and abdominal area, for a close, comfortable fit that compresses the abdomen effectively without the strain, pain and fatigue typically associated with weight lifting and strength training. 

Adidas Essential Weightlifting Belt

  • DENSE FOAM CORE: Designed with a dense foam core for added support and comfort, the Essential Belt bolsters each lift to enhance each set.

  • VELCRO CLOSURE: Featuring a strong Velcro strap, the belt wraps around for a tailored fit and secured support.

  • IRON FASTENING: Fitted with a robust iron loop and seamless roller, the belt's strap is easily levered into position for maximum abdominal pressure and lumbar reinforcement.

  • STITCHED ROUNDED EDGING: Durably bound by a stitched edging, the Essential Belt is built to last as you drive towards your next previous best.

  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Complete with a 2-year warranty, the Essential Belt is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

AQF Weight Lifting Straps Neoprene Padded Wrist Support, CrossFit Training Hand Bar Straps Bodybuilding Powerlifting Fitness Exercise Grips

  • AQF Premium Padded Leather Weight Lifting Hand Bar Straps made of high quality 100% Leather material and will last for years.

  • Leather used is not hard at all therefore very comfortable to use and you would be able to wrap around the barbell bar very easily.

  • 1.5" Wide and 21" Long (Extended Length allows you to wrap the bar several times).

  • Provides extra grip and support to your wrist while doing heavy lifts, Ideal for dead lifts and various other exercises.

  • One size fits all and sold in pair.

Beast Gear Weight Lifting Straps - Professional Standard Padded Straps With Advanced Gel Flex Grips

  • WHY you need Beast Gear lifting straps – Strengthen your grip on the bar to LIFT MORE WEIGHT

  • WHAT Beast Gear lifting straps do – Support your hands, wrists and forearms for heavy deadlifts, rows, weight chin-ups, pull-ups, shrugs, dumbbell squats

AQF Weight Lifting Straps for Gym, CrossFit non-padded Training Wrist Support Straps Bodybuilding Powerlifting Fitness Webbing Bar Grips

  • MATERIAL AND DURABILITY: AQF Leather weight lifting straps are made of premium quality 100% leather. These deadlift straps strengthen your grip on bar and support your hands and wrists for heavy deadlifts, rows, chin-ups and pull-ups.

  • VARIATION: 1.5" Wide and 21" Long soft and comfortable leather lifting straps weightlifting comes in two variations; PADDED AND NON-PADDED. Soft neoprene padding is used for extra comfort and wrist support gym. You can buy the one according to your need and choice. One size fits all and sold in pair.

RitFit Lifting Straps + Wrist Protector For Weightlifting, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, MMA, Powerlifting, Strength Training - With Neoprene Padding ~ Men & Women - One Size Fits All

  • NEOPRENE PADDING : We have added extra thick neoprene padding on each strap to avoid crazy blisters around your wrists. Neoprene Foam pad size: 7.1'' x 3.2' Inches , Foam Pad Thickness : 6.55mm,

  • Dual Design: Wrist Protector + Weight Lifting Straps. Ergonomically Designed to serve two purposes as Weight Lifting Straps and Wrist Wrap Protector with Soft Neoprene Padding.

  • USES: Perfect for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Strength Training, Calisthenics, CrossFit, MMA, WOD, Working Out, Bodyweight, Gym, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Rowing, Chin Ups, and more.

Psychi Chalk Ball for Crossfit Gym Bouldering Rock Climbing Gymnastics Weightlifting Pole Dancing

  • x1 56g ball.

  • Mesh covered to reduce dust & wastage.

  • The stretched mesh lets out plenty of chalk each time to coat the fingers well but without losing too much powder and should last a good long time.

  • Perfect for indoor climbing and gyms.

  • Ideal for Climbing, Gymnastics, Crossfit, Weightlifting and PoleFit.

Psychi Bouldering Climb Climbing Starter Pack Bundle with Chalk Bag Chalk and Brush

  • Pack Includes: Chalk Bag, Chalk Ball. Brush Included

  • Chalk bag comes with rear zip for storage of keys, phone or finger tape.

  • Waist strap and brush holder included.

  • Comes in a variety of colours.

  • Stylish colours and design with large opening to make chalking up as easy as possible.

Elite Sportz Chalk Ball Set With 2 x 100% Natural Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Balls & Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, Weightlifting & More

  • THE SIMPLE WAY TO CHALK YOUR HANDS Our climbing, weightlifting and gymnastics chalk ball lets you chalk up just by rolling the ball along your hands! It's made from all natural magnesium carbonate and won't stain clothing, gear or equipment.

  • MONEY-SAVING SET Only Elite Sportz Equipment gives you two premium quality chalk balls plus a gymnastics, lifting and rock climbing chalk bag for such a great price!

  • IDEAL FOR ANY ACTIVITY You can use this as a gymnastics, weightlifting or rock climbing chalk bag with equal ease! The waist belt makes it easy to take the chalk bag anywhere.

  • CARRY MORE THAN JUST YOUR CHALK In addition to the chalk ball compartment, our chalk bag has a zippered pocket on the front that is perfect for holding money, an ID, rings, keys and other small items.

Fitness Mad LIQUID CHALK 250ml

  • QUICK AND SIMPLE TO APPLY - Dries in seconds, lasts for hours and comes off with a bit of soapy water.

  • MULTIPURPOSE - Fantastic for free solo climbs, bouldering, weight lifting/ bodybuilding and abdominal workouts, pole dancing classes, Crossfit and even Ashtanga yoga.

  • ANTIBACTERIAL - Our non-toxic formula ensures your hands stay germ free when sharing weights, mats, poles and other equipment. One less thing for you to worry about.

  • MINIMAL MESS - Unlike traditional chalk it leaves little residue or dust, perfect for public gyms, yoga classes and pole dancing studios.

  • 250ml Resealable Bottle - Use on the go without worrying about leaking.


Resistance Training Equipment


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Yaheetech Adjustable Heavy Duty Squat Rack Stand Power Weight Bench Support for Curl Barbell Olympic Barbell Free-Press Bench Black

  • Adjustable Height - 14 adjustable safety pins on each post to help you adjust to the profit height to meet your need(5cm gaps); adjustable Height 114-179 cm/45-70.5inch.

  • Anti-skid Pads - The feet pads are anti-skid to avoid damage to the floor, which also increased the security.

  • Safe & Secure - For added safety and stability, we use high-quality metal nuts equipped with inner non-slip washers. Please use a wrench to fasten the nuts. Nuts cannot be fully tightened by hand.

  • Practical Rack - Ideal for squats and bench presses - Suitable for use with both standard and Olympic sized bars.

​Hardcastle Bodybuilding Adjustable Squat Rack with Spotters

  • Hardcastle Bodybuilding Squat Rack With Spotters - Please note this product is heavy and may arrive with some minor damage to the powder coating

  • Adjustable width, rack height & spotter height for enhanced workout ranges

  • Can be used with 1" & 2" Olympic barbell bars - Heavy duty 50mm steel tube frame

  • 13 rack levels (5cm gaps) - 7 Spotter levels (5cm gaps) - 10 Width settings (5cm gaps)

  • Total width: 78cm - 123cm - Rack height: 93cm - 151cm - Spotter height: 65cm - 95cm - Depth: 96.5cm - Total height: 163cm (max) - Please note, tools required for assembly are not included.

ERGO LIFE Adjustable Dip Station, Heavy Dips Push-Up Stand, Exercise Parallel Bar Workout Equalizer for Calisthenics

  • HEAVY DUTY DIP STAND STATION: 30 inches high clearance allow easier pass through for everyone. 24 inches long handles offer the great range of motion without straining your wrists. Those bars are made of durable metal which can withstand all of your heavy-duty training routines and push up challenges. 1.65" diameter U-shaped handles for easy grips. Capacity weight is up to 440 pounds.

  • Compare to the traditional dip stations, dip bar fitness station with a stabilizing safety connector that allows you to extend the bar for customized strength training experience. 10 level width adjustment to meet your different preference. Width adjustable range: 48-69cm/ 18.8-21.2inch, 2.5cm per level. The dip bar is height adjustable with the quick removal of 2 bolts per bar. Height adjustable range: 78-80cm/30-31.5inch. You can adjust your own need to adjust the height.


  • The device is equipped with 8 bar hooks, which allow you to put down the bar in different positions: standing, lunging, sitting or lying down. The ergonomic shape of the hooks ensures comfort and safety.

  • FLOOR PROTECTION Covers made of durable rubber prevent the rack from moving and scratching the floor.

  • STRONG JOINTS The vertical bars are joined by 3 mm thick aesthetically finished steel sheets.

  • A SOLID BASE The structure of the device is based on a massive, widely spaced profiles, thanks to which it remains stable and immobile during various exercises.

  • 24H delivery with official distributor K-Sport in UK

YoleoStore Utility Weight Bench - Adjustable Weight Benches for Full Body Workout, Foldable Flat/Incline/Decline FID Bench Press for Home Gym

  • VERSATILITY ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH - YOLEO adjustable weight beach has 7 backrest pad positions to meet all you need when workout. The Foldable Workout Bench could be assembled simply as well as Easy To Carry& storage.

  • FULL-BODY WORKOUT EXERCISE - The adjustable weight rack is ideal for working out and training on your chest, shoulders, back, abs, and more.

  • COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Comfortable high-density foam padding and seat secures body firmly and reducing muscle fatigue during workout. It features a soft leather that is filled with dense foam padding so it is comfortable to do multiple exercises.

  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION - The adjustable dumbbells bench built with thickening supported pipe that’s guaranteed to withstand 330 lbs Capacity

​AQF Adjustable Head Harness Dipping Neck Builder Belt Weight Lifting Chain Neoprene Padded

  • The AQF Head Harness has a 30 inch steel chain (including D-ring connectors and clip closure) able to hold 250 pounds of weight.

  • Fully Adjustable AQF Head Harness, Hook and Loop closure system

  • Soft Neoprene lined to avoid abrasions & comfort.

  • Sold in Black and one size fits all

BodyRip 2" Olympic Bumper Weight Plates | Military or Bench Press, Squats, Deadlift, Pullover, Biceps Curl, Triceps Extension, Row, Shrug (Pairs)

  • Bumper Plates allow you to perform overhead lifts safely. Practice snatches, clean & jerks, thrusters, squats and pressing movements without worrying about damage to the floor or your barbell, should you drop the lift.

  • Made from solid rubber all the way through which enables more punishment to be absorbed by the plates.

  • Designed for Deadlifts, Powerlifting and CrossFit.

  • Set includes: Pair of 10kg, and 25kg.

  • Committed to accompanying you in leading a healthy lifestyle, BodyRip is one of the best sports equipment suppliers online that offers high-quality affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active.

Mirafit Olympic Fractional Weights - Choice of Size

  • Mirafit Fractional Olympic Weights - Supplied in pairs

  • Available in choice of size: 0.25kg white (0.5kg total) - 0.5kg blue (1kg total) - 0.75kg red (1.5kg total) - 1kg black (2kg total) - Full set (5kg total)

  • Increase barbell weight in 0.25kg increments (either side) - Calibrated to +/ - 10G - Allows you to gradually build up strength

  • Compatible with all Olympic 2" barbells and dumbbell bars - Colour coded plates are easy to quickly distinguish during workouts


Training Bars & Equipment

34" Barbell Hammer Curl Weight Bar, Olympic Adjustable 2 Inch Barbell Bar for Cross Training Weight Lifting with Hole, Exercise Equipment Strength Training for Men Women Home Gym Fitness

  • Professional and durable weight lifting equipment:Made from cold rolled solid steel with a chrome finish for durable, long-lasting performance; Medium-depth knurling for a non-slip, tight grip.

  • Feature: Revolving sleeves to reduce pressure on the wrists and forearms; Neutral, knurled hand grips for a non-slip grip; Includes collars to secure weights when lifting.

  • Multifunction: The bar is designed for maximum concentration of your triceps, without the discomfort that can sometimes come to your elbows, wrists or forearms. Bar is designed for maximum concentration of the triceps muscle without the discomfort to your elbows, wrists or forearms.

TnP 5ft 6ft 7ft Feet Olympic Bar Weight Lifting Barbell Bars With Spring Collars Collar

  • Triple-coat chrome finish protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling.

  • Knurled grip

  • Fit olympic weight plates (2" hole)

  • Free collars with (4' - 8.8kg / 5' - 12.5kg / 6' - 15kg / 7' - 20.2kg) Olympic Bar

DTX Fitness 7ft Safety Squat Bar

  • DTX Fitness Safety Squat Bar - Helps maintain correct form and technique during squat exercises

  • Forces engagement of core muscles whilst maintaining correct torso alignment - Can help users with wrist/shoulder injuries to continue performing weighted squats

  • Comfortable padded neck and shoulder rests - Compatible with 2" Olympic weight plates

  • Includes two black quick release jaw collars - Black and chromed steel bar - 200kg max load - Requires minimal assembly

Huijieyuan Barbell T-Bar Row Platform Post Insert Landmine For 2 Inch Olympic Bars, T-shaped Multi-Function Rod Support Rack, 360° Swivel Power Rack Attachment Weight Plate Holder For Back Exercise

  • Full 360°Swivel: Full range swivel up & down for variety of exercises. Great for total body core workout: traps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, hamstrings and much more.

  • Easy to Install: Insert an end of bar and weight plates (weight plates over about 25 lbs) into the sleeves and tighten the bar in place with the secure knob.

  • Fits about 2-inch Olympic Bars: Designed with about 24.5cm/9.6inch long pivot bar sleeve & 19.5cm/7.8inch long base post to fit about 2-inch Olympic bars and weight plates.

  • Multi-Function Use: You get the full range of your Olympic barbell without the need for a bulky cable machine or power rack, or the expense of a bulky weights and bar set. Perfect for both workout at home and at gym.

Mirafit Standard Black Shrug Bar with Stand - For Trap/Shoulder Exercises and Farmers Walk

  • Mirafit Standard Black Shrug Bar - Built in stand allows for quick & easy pick up - Includes 2 quick release snap collars

  • Heavy duty steel bar - For use with standard 1" weights

  • Provides greater muscle contraction by eliminating contact with upper thighs & torso

  • Ideal for working traps and shoulder muscles - Also ideal for farmers walk and carry exercises - Maximum weight capacity 180kg

  • Dimensions - Length: 137.5cm / width: 69.5cm / bar ends: 24.5cm / centre length: 68cm

Eortzzpc Olympic 2"/1" Trap Bar, Hex Bar with Knurled Handle Can Be Used for Squats, Deadlifts, Shrugs (Size : B)

  • POWERFUL ADJUSTMENT OF THE HEXAGONAL ROD: Each hexagonal rod can bear 264 pounds of weight to meet your personal needs, and can accommodate a 1.9/0.9-inch board. When squatting, deadlifting, shrugging or pulling, you can change the weight appropriately

  • COMPREHENSIVE STRENGTH TRAINING: You can exercise hamstrings, quadriceps, forearms and even grip strength by using trap sticks for various trainings. Whether you are training at home, gym or any institution, it can meet your various needs.

  • TWO HOLDING POSITIONS WITH KNURLED HANDLES: The hexagonal bar has double knurled handles, designed to increase friction and provide you with a firm and comfortable grip when lifting the sinking equipment.

TecTake Weight disc tree with 7 holders | Weight holder diameter 25 mm | Load capacity 200 kg

  • Easy access, tidiness and strength - this weight tree from TecTake is all that // Total dimensions (LxWxH): 67 x 38.5 x 91 cm.

  • The attractive design is set to impress with its well considered design and robust construction // Weight: 7 kg.

  • 5 holders on the outside and 2 on the inside can house all standard weight sizes // Exterior weight holder length: 20 cm // Interior weight holder length: 13.5 cm // Weight holder diameter: 2.5 cm.

Adidas Weighted Vest [10.7kg]

  • The premium adidas weighted vest has been designed and developed with input from adidas' athletes to bring you the optimum vest on the market to effectively ramp up your cardio and bodyweight workouts

  • Constructed from highly durable material, this vest is built to last and can easily withstand the harsh training regimes

  • The secure velcro straps and elasticated buckle provide a comfortable and tailored fit, suitable for chest sizes from 38 to 50 Inch

  • There are eight ergonomically placed weight packs, totalling 10 kg (more than 1.5 stone), strategically placed around the upper body to ensure correct balance, comfort and performance

  • A fully breathable lining with ventilation panels helps to wick sweat away to keep you cool and dry so you can focus on your training; with the weight packs removed, the vest is also machine washable

Gravity Fitness 20kg Weighted Vest - Fully adjustable. Calisthenics, Crossfit, Strength Training, home and commercial use.

  • Premium 20kg Weighted Vest made from breathable, durable nylon with removable solid cast iron weights (not bulky sand that moves around like cheaper weighted vests).

  • One size fits all with Fully Adjustable velcro straps and foam padding for optimum support and comfort.

  • Shorter Lower Profile Fit to allow for full range of motion, perfect for Calisthenics, Crossfit, Bodyweight and Functional Training.

  • Suitable for all Fitness Levels, Add weight to your Bodyweight workouts to increase strength, endurance and conditioning.

  • Designed by Gravity Fitness Athletes from a brand you can trust and backed by a 5 year warranty!

Rubber Gym Mats & Medicine Balls

Easimat 6’ x 4’ Rubber Gym Mats, Heavy Duty 10mm Thick Commercial Flooring

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Mat

  • 6' x 4' x 10mm (1.83 metres x 1.22 metres)

  • Each mat weighs approx 23kgs

  • Ideal for both Home and Commercial Gyms

  • Noise reducing, Shock absorbing, Tough and Long lasting

Interlocking Soft Foam Floor Mats - 18 Pieces EVA Puzzle Rubber Tiles Protective Flooring Set - Floor Protector, Surface Protection | Underlay Mat for Sports Exercise – Gym Fitness Basement Garage

  • PROTECTIVE FLOOR MAT SET WITH 18 PUZZLE PIECES + EDGE PIECES FOR PERFECT FLOOR PROTECTION - Protect your floor from scratches, knocks, dents, cold, noise, sweat and other fluids with probably the best and most secure protective floor mat available on the market. Completely BPA-free for your safety and well-being.

  • HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE, RELIABLE - The highly compressed, environmentally friendly, non-toxic EVA foam surface is perfect as floor layering for fitness and gym spaces, under sports equipment, in child's rooms, work spaces, garages, basements and more. The mat's premium lightweight material also makes it noise- and impact-dampening, warmth-insulating, waterproof, long-lasting and easy to clean with soap and water.

DTX Fitness No Bounce Textured Slam Ball - Choice of Weight

  • DTX Fitness Slam Ball - Available in 4 weights options - 3Kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

  • Black textured surface provides additional grip

  • Non bounce - Intended for repeated slamming on solid surfaces - Sand filled prevents ball from rolling around during use

  • 3,5 & 10kg slam balls: 24cm diameter - 15kg slam ball: 29cm diameter

Physical Company Slam Ball

  • Ultra stylish and durable these slam balls are designed to allow you to go longer and develop explosive power

  • The raised rubber texture helps maintain a tight grip after every rep and the robust outer shell absorbs each impact

  • A key point to the Slam ball is the fact it’s a FUN way to lose weight, boost cardio and burn lots of calories

  • Available in weight increments from 3kg up to 15kg, these rubberized, dead-bounce Slam Balls can benefit athletes of any size and skill level, and they’re versatile enough to use as wall balls or for traditional medicine ball exercises, as well

JLL® Medicine Balls 1-10kg, Heavy Duty Rubber, Colour Coded Weights - For Weight Training, Exercise, Fitness, MMA, Boxing

  • High Quality Heavy Duty Rubber

  • Designed to be slammed off of the floor

  • Can be used for Strength, Crossfit, HIIT or Rehabilitation Training


Kettlebells & Dumbbells

JLL® Coloured Vinyl Kettlebells 2kg-16kg, Home Gym, Training, Weight, Fitness, Available in sets

  • Colour coded design with wipe clean vinyl outer and anti-slip base.

  • Available in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg & 16 kg weights and tailored mixed weight sets.

  • Ergonomically designed kettlebell with comfort handle for better grip and handling.

  • Designed for whole-body, functional training.

  • Develop coordination flexibility and build solid core strength.

Cast Iron Kettlebell Heavy Weight Kettlebell for Strength and Cardio Training Dumbbell KAWMET 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg

  • Kettlebell made of high quality cast iron, carefully finished.

  • The surface is protected with a special paint.

  • Kettlebell is subjected to powder coating, which adds additional visual advantages.

  • Thick grip for safe and comfortable exercise

  • Perfect for muscle development as well as balance

Kettle Gryp Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight Grip Travel Workout Equipment Gear for Gym Bag, Crossfit WOD, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Lose Weight | Clamps to Dumbells

  • KettleGryp is the perfect workout accessory for your travel needs, or to keep in your everyday gym bag. At less than 0.5 kg/1 lb, this grip can hold most standard dumbbells up to 25 kg/55 lb and instantly turn it into a kettlebell.

ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set (Quick Safe Locking Mechanism) 7+ Weight Selections

  • 7+ Weight Selections :: 3kg-18kg :: Perfect for progressive overload and space efficiency :Weight increments: 3.4kg, 5.5kg, 10.7kg, 13.4kg, 15.9kg and 18kg

  • Quick Safe Weight Adjustments :: Slide Pull & Lift :: 7+ weight selections :: Safety locking mechanism to keep weight plates secured

  • Rubber sole for scratch free home storage

Yaheetech Dumbbells Set 30KG Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set for Men and Women with Solid Chrome Finish Bar for Home Fitness Workout Bodybuilding Training

  • Full set of 2 dumbbells: Our adjustable dumbbell set comes with 16 weight plates in 4 different weights (2.5kg/5.5lbs, 2kg/4.4lbs, 1.5kg/3.3lbs, 1.25kg/2.8lbs), 4 pieces for each weight; two 47x2.5cm/18.5x1’’ iron bars with a 13.6cm/5.4’’ long handle for each bar; two star-lock collars.

  • Adjustable weight: Customize it to your ideal exercise intensity! Our dumbbells have 16 weight plates in 4 different weights, 4 pieces for each weight, and 2 spinlock collars make the adjustment easier.

  • Non-slip knurled handles: This dumbbell set features a hard plastic handle with diamond knurled texture on each bar to increase friction, ensuring the safety of your every workout.

  • Secure spinlock collars: Our dumbbell bars with threaded ends and star-lock collars provide a secure workout and easy weight plate changes.

BodyRip Rubber Encased Hexagonal Dumbbells | Anti-Rolling, Home Gym Equipment, Fitness Exercise, Workout, Cardio, Free Weight, Lifting Set 

  • SET INCLUSIONS | A pair of 17.5kg hexagonal dumbbell - Affordable and Quality is the best we offer! So don't doubt yourself, be brave, be healthy, and be an improvement to yourself.

  • BENEFITS AND FEATURES | Please check out our "Product Description" section where we provide some additional information on how to maximize the potential of our product

Fitness Foam Rollers & Stability Balls


Fitness Foam Rollers

  • BackBaller Foam Roller/Sports Roller - Muscle Roller for Deep Pain Relief. Ideal For Runner Cyclists, Footballers & Athletes

  • Dual-Mounted Foam-Roller (Ridged) for focused muscle relief.

  • High Density EVA Foam Rollers

  • Contoured to minimise spinal contact

  • Outstanding Smooth Rolling with Steel Ball-Bearings

  • Ergonomic Design & Neoprene Grip Pads

JLL ® Yoga Foam Roller, 5 Bright Colours, Massage Roller, Physio, Rehabilitation, Gym, Pilates

  • Available in a choice of 5 colours: Black, Purple, Pink, Blue & Orange.

  • Length: 34cm x Diameter: 14cm. Weight: 900g.

  • High Density Foam - Easy To Clean.

  • Textured roller simulates sports injury massage.

  • Ideal for a Yoga, Sports Massage, Muscle Repair & Assisting Workouts - Also Great for Pilates and Gym Classes

Arteesol Foam Roller 2 in 1 Set for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage with Trigger Point Foam Roller Massage Ball Roller for Women & Men

  • Full Body Massage - The fascia roller set includes 1 hard trigger point roller (the black hollow one), 1 floating point foam roller (the red solid one), 1 bonus pimple ball and 1 lacrosse ball. The set is packaged in a carrying bag. Bring it with you to the gym or office and get warming up for your fitness routine.

We R Sports Grid Foam Roller Trigger Point Gym Pilates Massage Physio Injury Yoga 61cm

  • Material - Foam

  • Dimensions (Approx) - Length 61 cm (24 inches) ; Diameter 14 cm (5.5 inches)

  • Weight (Approx) - 1600 grams

  • Long-lasting, durable construction

  • Hollow design ensures less usage of foam than traditional rollers

TOPLUS Exercise Ball, Gym Ball Supports 2200lbs Yoga Ball Anti-Burst & Extra Thick, Swiss Ball with Quick Pump Birthing Ball for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Pregnancy & Labour

  • ANTI-BURST AND DURABLE: TOPLUS exercise ball are rated up to 2200 lbs, Made of eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic material

  • EASY TO INFLATE: The gym ball saves time and energy with the QUICK INFLATION FOOT PUMP included in the package

  • VERSATILE: Perfect for Pilates, Yoga, Gym Fitness, back and abdominal Training and pregnancy gymnastics

  •  after a long time.

SportPlus Exercise Ball with Resistance Straps – 62 cm Balance Ball Trainer

  • For strength, coordination and balance training, as well as improvement of motor function and responsiveness.

  • Can be used on both sides: Lying flat for balance and strengthening exercises for upper body and legs - On the convex side additionally for push-ups and dips.

  • Integrated expandable straps for further exercise possibilities.

  • GS-tested according to DIN EN ISO 20957-1 and DIN 32935 (for expander straps).

  • Dimensions: approximately 62 x 25 cm (Ø/H).