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The online learning system that we use at Strength-Physiology.Online is called Moodle , which is the same system employed by many of the top universities and colleges in the UK and overseas. Moodle allows students to access course materials, gain feedback, contact tutors, upload work, view grades and much more all by logging in to your very own online account. All of your work is stored and accessible from your first day of the course to your last, ready for you to work toward. 

At Strength-Physiology.Online we have created a range of virtual classrooms (Mi Virtual Class) to further assist sports and fitness students. Mi Virtual Classes includes course materials, homework, tests, and assignments that are typically used in self-paced (asynchronous) learning. Additionally, Mi Virtual Classes create a  synchronous online learning experience, which happens in real time and provides you the learner with an experience very close to traditional face-to-face teaching. 

Mi Virtual Classes include the following characteristics:

  1. Webinars and bespoke presentations that are student centred 

  2. Virtual classroom offering high Interactivity and engagement

  3. Collaborative centred learning

  4. Student-centred instruction

  5. Variety of content presentation and learning activities

  6. Psychologically Safe Environment

  7. Positive and Constructive Feedback

  8. Self-test exercises and assessments

  9. Structured online learning activities

At present we offer support for a range of undergraduate and postgraduate Sport and Exercise  Science subjects (including SCQF level 7 & 8 Fitness centred units) and as demand grows we will provide additional subjects with the same support, guidance and tuition. In addition, we have selected subjects that also ensure candidates are prepared for fitness industry awards at Level 2 and 3 (i.e. gym instruction, persona training  and nutrition) . The following Mi Virtual Classes are developed and are now available, so subscribe below for notification.

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1-to-1 Subject Support Online 

Mi Virtual Classes Available 


Bespoke online support for sport and exercise students at undergraduate level (year one-to-four. This also  includes students that are study  sports coaching, sports science or fitness related awards at college (i.e  SCQF Level 6-8) . Below are examples of topics that are currently available:

  • Health Screening 

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Anatomy & Exercise Physiology 

  • Working Safely & Effectively With Clients

  • Fitness, Health & Exercise Graded Unit 1 & 2

  • Research In Sport

  • Nutrition for Fitness, Health and Exercise

  • Planning & Instruction In Gym Based Exercise Session​​

  • The Endocrine System & Metabolic Considerations for Personal Trainers

  • Biomechanics 

  • Exercise Principles and Programming

  • Flexibility & Stretch Training

  • Psychology of Sport and Exercise

  • Core Strength and Posture

  • Applied Fitness Testing

Additional information by completing any task, lecture or activity does not result in certification from any awarding organisation or body. These materials have been produced solely to create a better understanding  of sport and fitness

What People Say

"This man played a major role in the development of the physique and strength I have today as he took great time to answer all and every small question that I had to ask, questions that to others would’ve meant nothing, but to me they meant everything for my training."

I learned so much and feel privileged to have been one of his students.

"An Amazing Lecturer and Teacher! Privileged to have studied under you"

"Best lecturer/teacher I ever had . Always remember everyone laughed at me when I said I wanted to go to uni, u said to me that day I needed to go and prove everyone wrong which has always stuck with me! The master of motivation."

"Best lecturer going, would have never have got through them two years and now onto uni without your help!"

Steven Hartzenberg

"The reason why so many of us excelled in Uni.....a top lecturer and a top bloke."

Seaney Mcdermott

Kayleigh Thompson

Myles Howieson

Neil Patrick Tracey

About Our Online Academic Sport Science Tutoring

Video Conference

The Benefits of Online Tutoring 

While tutors have traditionally instructed learners in face-to-face environments, many students now rely on online tutors for additional guidance and support. When compared to its traditional counterpart, it's clear online tutoring has several unique benefits. Most importantly it allows students to complete coursework at their own individual pace. This is an incredibly convenient benefit especially for anyone with a hectic schedule. Additionally, online tutoring is also especially valuable for students that need to obtain specific grades at university. 

My online tutoring service involves synchronous tutoring with real-time interaction between the student and myself. It involves specific software that allows both parties to communicate directly via video, audio, or text.


On a Video Call

Learners and tutors see each other via video (great for developing rapport)

Share and Collaborate

Working from Home

Upload essays or specimen papers and work through examples together 

Re-watch Lessons

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Lessons can be recorded so you can watch them later to aid in revision

What To Expect From an Online Lecture?

Learners who are new to this mode of learning might wonder what kind of lectures they should expect in an online environment. Online  lectures can take many forms, from recorded versions of traditional lectures to interactive forms of learning.

“Traditional” Lectures for Online Learners

Some on-line course lectures are similar to what learners would expect to find in a traditional classroom. In fact, some are just that – classroom lectures that students watch, streamed live and in real-time. Other times, the lecturer may record themselves presenting an oral lecture and then upload it so that students can view the recorded lecture at their convenience, at any time of day or night. Instead of making a recording, other lecturers create and send students a slideshow presentation to watch and read. Even among these seemingly traditional types of lectures, some of them vary greatly from what students might expect to encounter in a traditional classroom. For example, some lecturers deliver their lectures as podcasts that students can listen to but don’t require them to keep their eyes on a screen. 


Making Online Lectures Interactive & Engaging

Other lectures in online classes can be more interactive. Learners may have to respond to questions or prompts either online or over the phone during the lecture, while others make the lecture almost like a game, with learners needing to complete assignments to earn points. Still other online lectures require virtual class discussions, where students must have substantive conversations about the course material.

On-Line Tutorial Support Prices

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The Three Step On-Line Booking Process 

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1st Step 

Book your allocated time slot and the service required.

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2nd Step 

Email will be sent with an invitation to join meeting via Zoom.

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3rd Step

Join online and engage within the tutorial