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Omron M7 Intelli IT 360 Degree Accuracy Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Intel Wrap Cuff with 360° accuracy - accurate measurements in any position around the upper arm

  • Omron connect mobile app for iPhone/Android - store and track the measurements on your smartphone

  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection - indicates if Irregular Heartbeat is detected

  • Compatible with iPod 5th Generation (OS - 8.2), iPod 6th Generation (OS- 9.0.2) and with iphone version 10.0.2 and higher. Also ,it is compatible with android devices with version 4.4.2 and higher. Note: Not compatible with iPad

Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use, Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood-Pressure Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitors with Voice Broadcast, Large LCD BP Monitors with Wrist Cuff, BP Machines 

  • EASY TO USE: Extremely easy to use with one-button operation. Wrap the bp machine cuff around your wrist for personal use, assume proper sitting position. You will get the reading within 30 seconds. Results are similar to upper arm bp monitors.

  • ACCURATE READING: The blood-pressure monitor is individually tested and validated for guaranteed accuracy, every time. Displayed blood pressures include: systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and user ID.

  • MEMORY FUNCTION: The blood pressure monitors stores 99 reading for up to two people.The measurement date and time will also be automatically recorded which makes it easy to track. Best to have an average of three readings.

Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Measuring Device For Upper Arm

  • Automatic blood pressure monitor with Medium 22 - 32 cm Cuff

  • One button operation

  • Last reading memory

  • Intellisense Technology

  • 3 Year warranty

EMAY Bluetooth Portable ECG/EKG Monitor (for iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows) | Wireless Personal ECG Monitor Works with Smartphones | Records Rhythm & Heart Rate, Gives Instant Detections (EMG-20)

  • Personal ECG device that you can carry around in the pocket. Take an 30 seconds' ECG in two hands without wires, cables or gels.

  • Records your ECG and heart rate anytime anywhere. Gives accurate detection instantly in 30 seconds.

  • Free iOS / Android app for reviewing your ECG rhythm and generating PDF reports to share with others. Besides, PC software is provided for those who are not used to smart phones.

  • Rotating digital LCD display.

  • No hidden cost or subscription.

Portable ECG Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor with APP & PC Report, Spo2 Monitor Thermometer Professional for Sleep Apnea Professional/Home Use

  • 360 Body Health Scanning: In addition to monitoring your ECG/EKG, ECG Holter, SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), PI (perfusion index), NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure), temperature, heart rate variability, pedometer, calories, Checkme Pro also works as a medication reminder so that you will not forget to take medicine. CE approved.

  • Data Management: Manage your health status data conveniently by free APP "MyBeats Hub". Checkme pro also supports to transfer data to Windows PC software, health report can be created by PC software and printed out. Multi-user system for more patient accounts.

  • Health Monitoring: Checkme Pro continuous records 24-Hour ECG Holter and 10-hour SpO2 monitoring for sleep apnea or OSA screening. Leading research shows Checkme Pro and PSG shows good agreement for OSA screening.

AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L - The personal 6-lead ECG monitor that works with your smartphone.

  • KardiaMobile 6L offers 6 times the data. Never before has more heart health information been available at your fingertips.

  • Make taking an ECG part of your daily routine. After just 30 seconds you'll know if your heart rhythm is normal or if atrial fibrillation is detected.

  • KardiaMobile 6L has two electrodes on the top for your fingers, and one on the bottom to contact the skin of your left leg. In 30 seconds you'll see your results.

  • With over 100 per-reviewed studies, and more than 85 million ECGs recorded worldwide, KardiaMobile is the most clinically-validated personal ECG in the world.

Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales – Retro White + Black Accurate Weighing


These traditional looking scales have an extra high capacity, weighing up to a maximum of 150kg. The traditional dial face gives you all the measurements you need, with a rotating pointer that works to the fraction

  • Designed with a large analogue dial and long red pointer, your weight is displayed in easy to read kg, st and lbs. Built with a solid base, and an anti-slip surface. Product dimensions: 32 x 43.3 x 6.91cm

  • These mechanical scales give accurate measurements with little maintenance required. No batteries or buttons means simple, straightforward and reliable.

Professional Mechanical Scale,Analog Scale with Silver Painting,High Capacity Weigh in lbs kg,No Batteries

  • EASY TO READ DISPLAY - The bathroom scale mechanical designed with a large dial and long pointer, your weight is displayed in kg & lbs. It's easy -to-read so you can quickly read your measurements.Large capacity 180 kg / 390 lb.

  • NO BUTTONS, NO BATTERIES, NO HASSLE - The mechanical bathroom scales give you the accurate measurements you need with little maintenance required.The principle of operation of the physical principle is more precise, no battery is necessary and the measurement is practical.

  • LARGE ROUNDED DESIGN - Rounded and chamfered display, hard to hurt, safe use ,Lightweight and elegant design, the safety base is robust and durable, and the thickness of 80 mm is lightweight and easy to handle.

BuPin 100KG/220lbs Heavy Duty Scales, Foldable Industrial Scales LCD Display, Weighing Platform Scale Postal Scales, Floor Digital Scale(Black UK Plug)

  • Foldable Digital Scale : this industrial scales features foldable design, this heavy duty scales is a very practical tool that can be folded and stored when not in use. the height of the weighing rod can be adjusted to facilitate efficient work.

  • Heavy Duty & High Capacity: the maximum capacity of this platform scale is 100kg / 220lb, high capacity. this foldable industrial scales is with capacity to store up to 5 unit prices and 99 accumulation memories. the industrial scales can use for Weighing Luggage, large supermarket commodities, logistics packages, personal weight, etc.

Seca 213 - Portable Stadiometer

  • Simple and easy to set up – no wall fastening necessary.

  • Convenient and easy to transport.

  • Result clearly visible while measuring.

  • Seca 412 carry case included

  • Large floor plate ensures stability.

Portable Stadiometer Height-Rod with Weight Scale Function, to Measure Height 190 cm and Weight 100 Kgs

  • 2 in 1 Stadiometer to measure height and weight at home.

  • Max measure height 79 in/190 cm, suitable for family using.

  • The high-precision electronic scale max measure weight 100 KG.

  • Height scale can be folding, easy to collect and save space, so portable.

  • 12 months warranty.

Idass Skinfold Calipers - With Free Software Link

The Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is a precision instrument designed for use in the performance of Skinfold thickness measurements (from which estimates of body fat are derived). The use of this instrument has been well established and documented over the past 40 years. It is the only Caliper CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC for a Class 1 Device with Measuring Function and is calibrated using masters traceable to National Standards.

Bozeera Premium Version Body fat Callipers & Body measuring Tape [Inclusive FREE Software, Video Interpretation and English Manual]

  • Easy to use and perfect for insight into both circumference of body parts and your body fat percentage.

  • If you are not satisfied with the BOZEERA body fat measurement tools, you can return the products. If a product is broken then you can replace it.

Tape measure, Anatomical shape for body measurement

  • Retractable tape measure 152 cm & 60 inches

  • Designed for anatomical measurements

  • Slot in end for locating end point and repeatability

  • Can be used on yourself

  • Ideal for Body measurements

Body Tape Measure with Smart App, RENPHO Bluetooth Measuring Tapes for Body Measuring, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness Bodybuilding, Retractable, Body Part Circumferences Measurements

  • Smart body tape measure - Renpho measuring tape is easy to use. With the smart app, you could check your historical data of body measurements anytime and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

  • Easy to read - Equipped with a large LCD screen, it's easy to get the reading. And all your measurements will be saved in the renpho app through Bluetooth.

  • Retractable easy-lock hock 

  • Multi-functional tape for measuring 

Seca Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape with Extra Waist-To-Hip Ratio Calculator, 203 cm

  • Measuring range in cm: 0 - 205cm

  • Graduation (Measuring Rod): 1mm

  • Simple to use

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

Clement Clarke Mini Wright Standard Peak Flow Metre, Standard Range

The market’s leading peak flow metre. A lightweight and portable construction is ideal for adults and children. Commonly referred to as the ‘Gold Standard’ for asthma management. Specially designed and predominantly used for taking peak flow measurement, which helps the patient to manage their asthma. Fitted with an internal one-way valve which prevents accidental inhalation through the device - this is important when the device is used in a multi-patient setting. For clinic use it may be important to use a disposable one-way valve mouthpiece, which will help avoid cross-contamination.

Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter Mouthpieces x 25


Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter Mouthpieces are disposable and universal mouthpieces for Peak flow meter. Mini Wright - The first choice of many medical professionals for measuring peak expiratory flow. A cost effective way of monitoring asthma and other conditions.

Microlife Pf-100 Microlife Peak Flow & Asthma Meter - Expiratory Flow Pef and Fev1 Measurement

  • High accuracy With peak expiratory flow (PEF) & FEV1 measurement.

  • 240 data memory Stores up to 240 measured values with date and time.

  • Result indicator Understand measurement data intuitively.

  • Rotating vane wheel method

  • Professional carrying bag

  • Battery driven

  • Equipped with wall holder

  • Software and connection cable included

Spirohome Personal Spirometer, World's First Personal Ultrasonic Spirometer, Ultrasonic Spirometry, Lung Capacity Tester, Asthma Peak Flow Meter for Adults & Children, Digital PEF/FEV1 Meter

  • Accurately measure FVC, FEV1, FEV6, FEV1/FVC, PEF (Peak Expiratory Flow Meter), FEF25, FEF50, FEF75, FEF25-75, FET, BEV parameters with the most advanced ultrasonic technology.

  • Track your progress and get detailed reports along with flow/volume and volume time graphs. You can use it as a health monitoring device or lung function tester.

  • Spirohome is as accurate as spirometers & electronic peak flow meters that you would see in clinics or hospitals. Compatible with Spiroway reusable mouthpieces.

Contec Electronic Digital LED Spirometer + Inbuilt Memory + USB Cable + Software

  • Designed for clinics and home health care - User friendly, lightweight and portable

  • Simple operation and rapid test results wherever you are

  • Designed for clinics and home health care - User friendly, lightweight and portable Simple operation and rapid test results wherever you are Basic analysis and general state explain - Provides rate-volume and volume-time waveform ideal for diagnosis

  • 1.8" 160x128 TFT display with LED backlight function

  • Inner flash memory for data storage - Easily uploadable to PC via USB

Diabetes Test Kit, Blood Sugar Tester [Upgrade Version] with Voice Reminder and Light Warning Blood Glucose Monitor with Test Strips x 50 and Lancet x 50, Sinocare Safe AQ Voice Glucometer -in mmol/L

  • Built-in colorful indicator light separately indicate 5 status for blood glucose levels. Comes with a blood glucose indicator card. Large display gives a readable and clear data

  • High accuracy & anti-interference - innovative chip with upgraded algorithm gives accurately results, high conductivity strips avoids interference and control the error range only within +-15%

  • Painless collection - new lancing device customise with upgraded spring and concave pressure design, reduce pain during blood collection, only need 0.6UL of blood, 80% less than other regular meters

SEEYC Blood Glucose Monitor Meter, Diabetes Testing Kit, 50 Blood Sugar Tester Strips with 1 Lancing Device

  • The SEEYC blood glucose monitor is everything you need for daily health monitoring. Simple and accurate testing that helps  get exact and fast results in an easy way. New modern design with High-contrast LCD display for easier and more discrete use.

  • Everything is included in this kit, including: 50 blood test strips, 50 lancets,  lancing pen, carry case and a user manual

  • Covered by a 3 year warranty protection. 

Blood Cholesterol Monitor kit 3 in 1 Meter System, EasyLife Blood Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood uric Acid Test kit

  • Glucose Meter Cholesterol Meter Uric Acid (Gout) Meter 3 in 1 function

  • Supplied with starter packs of each test strip (see product description)

  • Low cost refill test strips available j

  • UK displays ideal GP / Clinic / Health Screening / Self testing

  • Great value 3 in 1 meter system Fully CE certified for professional and self testing use

The Camry digital hand dynamometer is a professional training device for assessing hand grip strengths and is suitable for any doctor's office, physical therapy clinic, engineering lab, or the gym.

  • Adjustable centre knob allows the device to be adjusted for different hand sizes and preferences.

  • 19 definable users with options for gender and age to store, along with the ability to save and recall test results for each user.

  • Compares individual test run for each of the 19 users, and displays the incremental increase, or decrease from the last record.

Apollo Sit and Reach Box [Each] • Essential for measuring leg, hip and trunk flexibility

  • Body Flexibility Test

  • Is used to perform sit and reach test

  • mobility test for sport, fitness and physiotherapy

IDASS Goniometer 12 Inch Plastic 360 degree, sports therapy product

  • A goniometer is an instrument which measures an axis and range of motion.

  • The 360 degree Goniometers are manufactured in a strong, clear plastic.v

  • Has three scales calibrated with the ISOM - International Standards of Measurement System.

  • 30cm and 12" Goniometer arm length with scale

  • Main Material: Plastic, Colour: Clear


Sport Performance  Equipment 

Sports Practice

CATAPULT PLAYR Football GPS Tracker - GPS Vest with App to Track and Improve Your Game - for iPhone and Android

  • FIFA authorised wearable GPS tracker designed to analyse and improve your football performance.

  • Detailing your speed, distance, power, sprint distance, load, intensity, and positioning via heat-maps, our technology gives you a total understanding of your game.

  • Compare your performance against friends, the competition and professional players to see how you match up.

  • Improve your preparation, performance and recovery with expertise on training and nutrition from Premier League coaches.

  • Set up a team and invite your team members to monitor your team's performance via the app.

STATSports APEX Athlete Series - FIFA Approved Football GPS Tracker

  • Get your hands on the world's leading GPS Tracker for Football. Approved by FIFA and used by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba and Mo Salah.

  • Track your game for Distance, Speed, Sprints & more from the FIFA Approved / World Rugby Approved GPS Tracker

  • Package includes GPS Performance Pod, Apex Vest (worth £24.99) and Athlete Series App.

  • Compare live data with friends and team mates. Understand your stats to boost your game.

  • Features also include: Heart Rate Tracking Wireless BLE Sync

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch with Built-In Sports Apps and Wrist Heart Rate - Black

  • Sports smartwatch with built-in GPS, sports apps and wrist-based heart rate. Display resolution is 240 x 240 pixels. The watch fits wrist with a circumference of 12.7-20.4 cm

  • High-resolution colour touchscreen display for enhanced readability in all light and side swipe interface to scroll through widgets and menus

  • Sports apps include yoga, cardio, strength training, running, swimming and many more; download pre-set workouts or create custom ones

  • Includes fitness monitoring, such as VO2 max and fitness age estimate, plus all-day stress tracking and relaxation-based breathing timer

  • Smart notifications including the ability to send prewritten responses to text messages, LiveTrack, Connect IQ watch faces and apps and more

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate and Workouts - Black

  • Lightweight and easy-to-use running watch with high-resolution display and built-in GPS that tracks how far, how fast and where you run

  • Tracks heart rate at the wrist day or night, to provide more accurate calories burned information

  • Connected features include smart notifications, music control, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect and the ability to track your runs with LiveTrack software

  • All-day activity tracking counts steps and intensity minutes and reminds you when to move. Compatibility - Android: 4.4 OS or Later & Bluetooth 4.0 or Later. Apple: iOS 9.0 or Later. Display Size: 23.5 x 23.4 mm

  • Meet your fitness goals with activity profiles, run/walk mode, intervals and vibration alerts to keep you motivated

Garmin 2 GPS Swimming smartwatch, Slate Grey, One Size

  • Monitors underwater wrist-based heart rate during swim activities

  • Pool swim mode: records distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type and swolf (gauges swimming efficiency)

  • Open-water swim mode: uses built-in GPS for swims In lakes, oceans or rivers; records distance, pace, stroke count, swolf, stroke rate and stroke distance

  • Offers advanced features for staying on pace, logging drills and more

  • Includes FREE online analysis, custom workout creation, storage and sharing on Garmin Connect online community

ArenaGear Track & Field Timers

  • The ArenaGear RM-501 two gate timers are perfect for training Track and Field events and NFL Combine Drills (5-10-5, L-Drill). It’s easy to use and very accurate. Time is displayed on any smart phone running our app within 400 ft. Works with all iPhones and iPads, and Android phones and tab.

  • No Cables – Completely wireless for quick set up. RM-501 does not include tripods. This is a two gate timer for events that start and stop at different lines such as sprint running, 40-yard dash, etc.

  • Battery Life – 150+hrs on a single set of AA batteries.

Pure2Improve speed radar

Accurately measure the speed you achieve. Measure your performance in most sports such as baseball, hockey, tennis, squash, soccer, football, handball, running, skating and many more. Lightweight and easy to use. Unlike most radars, it does not require a second person to hold it and point on the target. Measures up to 150 mph (199 km/h). with screw-knob so the radar can be fastened on a flat surfaced support stand. Speech function announces speeds. Bright LED display can be easily seen from a distance. Automatic battery saver - shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity to extend battery life. Still mode speed range: 3 to 150 mph (5 to 199 km/h). move mode speed range: 25 to 150 mph (40 to 199 km/h). 

Gamecraft Carpeted Long Jump Mat

Carpet on top and a non,slip bottom measures a participant's standing long jump distance.  Measures up to 10' in 2" increments.  12'L x 30"W.

Lusum Speed Agility Kit - 6 x Hurdles, 24 x Cones, 2 x Agility Ladders 1 x Speed Resistance Harness, 1 Speed Parachute and a Heavy Duty Carry Bag - Multi-Sport Training Equipment For Football, Rugby...

  • High quality, weather proof training equipment - perfect for indoor or outdoor training sessions year-round - The Cones, ladders, rings and hurdles are brightly coloured to improve visibility so can be seen on dull winters evenings

  • 1 x Speed Parachute included for high power resistance training and 1 x speed resistance harness for strength and explosive power training

  • 2 x agility ladders, 6 x agility hoops and 6 x hurdles improve speed and dynamic movement through footwork drills. Football Training Equipment at it's very best but also suitable for many other sports including, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Rugby and Hockey.

  • Also includes training cone markers - 12 x yellow and 12 x red - kit comes in a heavy duty sports bag for easy transportation.

Victorem Strength 80 Lb Resistance Running Training Bungee Band (Waist) Workout Guide– 8 Ft - 360° Agility, Speed, Fitness for Athletes 

  • Use a wide range of personal or team exercises to enhance leg, calf, back, chest, shoulder and core strength. Typically used for football, basketball, soccer, track and field, baseball, lacrosse, softball.

  • Each waist belt is adjustable up to 360 degrees (Adjustable up to size 38" waist), giving you better mobility while sprinting, jumping, and twisting.

  • Superior to standard resistance trainer bands, Victorem offers up to 80 lbs. of tensile strength for increased training reliability

  • Victorem bands stretch from 8’ to 22’ and comes complete with a safety handle/guide, training guide, harness belt and convenient carrying bag.

Speed ​​Bands | Sports Leg Resistance Band for Running Agility Fast Acceleration of Muscular Endurance and Strength | Football, Track and Field and all sports

  • Speed bands – are excellent for increasing speed and power by activating the fast twitch muscle fibres in the glutes, hamstrings and quadricep by adding resistance.

  • Speed training programme – Our speed bands are used by some of the worlds fastest athletes. 

  • Increase Speed – Our Best Quality Resistance bands and Straps along with the Speed Training Programme ensures you develop Explosiveness in your hips and major leg muscle groups.

SKL Running Umbrella, 56'' Speed Training Resistance Parachute Umbrella Running Provides excellent Resistance for improving speed, stamina, strength and acceleration

  • Explosive Power Training, Diameter: Approx 56 Inch / 142.2 CM.

  • Chute releases while over speeding.

  • Adjustable - waist sizes 20-42 inches.

  • Resistance parachute is very popular in sport training. It can be widely used in training track and field, running ball games, cycling, skating and other projects.