Free Sport & Exercise Science Presentations

Sports Equipment

The presentations from Strength-Physiology.Online are completely free to download (just click the image) and more content will be added as the website grows. In particular, I will provide presentations on muscle hypertrophy, strength and also other areas within exercise physiology. Furthermore, I will also provide infographics from contemporary academic evidence. So just watch this space!

Exercise Principles & Programming


The exercise principles and programming presentations provide information on the prescription on an intervention strategy and the delivery of an effective exercise experience. The will help individuals increase knowledge of fitness testing and training resulting in the practical delivery of a client specific session. Knowledge of adaptations to exercise and client adherence factors will allow learners to approach these primary professional functions competently and confidently.

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Fitness Testing & Health Screening 

These presentations aim to increase awareness of the key issues relating to the fitness testing of sports performers. Additionally, information contained within these presentations provides theoretical elements relating to the selection, application and evaluation of appropriate fitness testing protocols. 

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Biomechanics & Olympic Lifting

These presentations designed to provide individuals with a working knowledge and understanding of mechanical principles in relation to health and fitness activities. Furthermore, these presentations should able to advise gym users in relation to moving safely and using equipment effectively. 

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Exercise Physiology & Anatomy 

This exercise physiology and anatomy is designed to provide individuals with underpinning knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and the effects of designated body systems on exercise performance. 

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Psychological Skills Training For Sports Performance

The presentations below aim to discuss the psychological aspects that affect sports performance and introduce methods of psychological skills training (PST) that attempt to maximise sports performance. Once the relationship between psychological components and methods to enhance such components are understood, then you will be in a position to implement appropriate skills training that aims to enhance performance. 

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Miscellaneous Presentations